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Why We Are the Experts

Here at Touch of Class Movers, we are the experts. The reason why we say this is because our staff is comprised of Moving Professionals with decades of experience combined. No job is too big or too small. Our main focus is the timely delivery of goods with no damage. We want to eliminate your stress and add that extra Touch of Class that it deserves. Leave your move to the experts at Touch of Class Movers and you’ll be glad that you did!

Top 10 Reason For Choosing Touch of Class

Why is Touch of Class Movers the best choice available to you for your move?  Easy, it is the lowest legitimate priced move with all the benefits that other movers can not provide.  Let’s break down the top 10 ways that we add an extra Touch of Class that other movers can’t!

Moves by space, not weight

Don’t be fooled by the competition, cubic feet is the way to go.  Weight based moves will require a weight certificate to determine your final weight.  That can only happen with a signed contract allowing your goods to be on the movers truck and by then it’s too late.  Space allows for your cost to be determined up front with no room for change.  It’s the same methodology of pricing as flat rate shipping offered by the United States Postal Service.  No matter what, there is always a base price.  Do you really want to be surprised and pay more because your stuff is heavier?

Storage Vaults

Your goods are stored in vaults for safety and security.  When our trucks arrive at our facility your goods go from the truck straight into a vault(s) on our dock.  This eliminates cross contamination and loss of goods.  Many movers store your goods in large piles in a warehouse where your goods get stacked as high as possible putting a lot of stress on your valuables.  These large piles can fall, become mixed with other moves, or even worse be openly accessible for potential theft.  Some companies even use public storages as a base of operations.  Storing your goods in vaults controls theft, damage, and loss.

Inventory Accounting

Doing inventory only at pickup and delivery doesn’t control the in between.  This is where Touch of Class movers goes the extra mile.  Your goods are inventoried when they come off our trucks into the storage vaults and again when being loaded for delivery.  Might sound like an extra unnecessary step but when it comes to your goods we want to ensure that there is no question that your goods are accounted for every step of the way.

Background Checked Employees

So you’ve checked out your potential mover and they look good, but what about the people who work for them?  This is an important part that many people over look.  Many companies hire movers with nothing more than an application, some hire workers who are not legally eligible to work, and even worse  are the companies that hire day laborers right off the street.

Climate Controlled Warehouse

Our warehouse is climate controlled.  Our building is less than 2 decades old.  By commercial building standards it’s practically new.  It’s clean and pest free with a constant ambient temperature in the mid 70’s.  Your goods could not be kept in better conditions.


Our warehouse is completely secure, alarmed, and under 24 hour live security guard patrol.  Touch of Class Movers is headquartered in the newly developed southwest portion of Las Vegas, NV.  It is not located in a bad, low income, or crime riddled industrial area.  Security and surveillance are just another example of the extra steps we take to insure the safety and security of your goods.

Staff Accountability

You can count on us and we will back it up!  All too often in this industry customers are promised the moon and the stars only to find out that they were never in reach.  We document just about everything in writing, recorded calls, and other new technological formats.  There’s no chance at this company that you will be told something over the phone just to get your business.  We review our calls and hold our staff accountable.  Standing by your word and correcting your mistakes (if you make them) is the classy thing to do!

Trained Professionals

Our office staff and moving staff are all professionally trained in their trades.  Our Move Coordinators are trained in D.O.T. regulations for moving and trained in all aspects of assisting you to make your move process as smooth as possible.  Our moving staff is trained in the proper packing and handling of household goods.  At Touch of Class Movers, it does not matter how much experience one of our employees may have had in the past, we still go through training procedures to make sure everyone is doing it the right way.  That’s the only way to do it!

Proper Pricing

Your move cost is based on your move’s details.  We don’t charge higher rates for end of the month or because you sound like you have more money.  Our line haul costs are determined based on volume, season (gas prices and availability), and origin/destination.  Many movers constantly manipulate their pricing.  This is usually done to charge the customer more either because they were a referral, did an onsite estimate, gave pricing they got on a competitors quote, etc.  In the end, this practice is done to get your business.  If the price was too low, you will get charged more somewhere along the way.  If the price was too high, then you just paid a higher price for nothing.  Usually, this practice is used to give lower prices to bait you in and get your business.  Call our company with the same move details 100 times and you will get the same price 100 times, guaranteed!

Bar Coded Inventory (fully operational by 2018)

Bar code scanned goods eliminate human error and ensure that goods are not missed.  This is just one more added step to ensuring all goods are loaded.  Our warehouseman must scan the unique bar code to register through our computer system that your goods have been loaded/unloaded.  It is near impossible for a computer to misinterpret a bar code much less for a human being to be able to make a fake one.  Most movers do not employ this system and someone can claim that something was loaded when it never was.  Bar coding adds a high level security layer that can not be accomplished any other way!


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